Become Super ProductiveSimple way to Boost your Efficiancy

  • Increase your Motivation

    Easy mind tricks to become super motivated from the start of your day and get Super Efficient with your Time & Tasks
  • Track projects from start to finish

    Responsibilities and next steps are clear, so you can shoot for the moon—and get there.
  • Fight Your Procrastination

    Start small. It is enough to to make a little progress in big tasks and after you feel the courage to start working on it in full power.

Become Super Efficient with Taskmony


Track Personal & Work Tasks

Tracking personal and work-related tasks in a single list


Focus on Efficiency

Oversimplified task tracking to focus on work instead of task-tracking


Increased Motivation

Designed in a way to increase motivation instead of collecting task information

Latest Posts

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    What features you need to avoid in task trackers to be productive

    As I’ve promised, I’m beginning series of post to explain how to use

  • May08


      We all hate micromanagement. It kills our motivation it makes us feel

Recent Testimonials

  • Javier DelgadoCEO

    My whole team is in Love with Taskmony. Its the only task tracker we use in our company

  • John SmichMobile Developer

    I use Taskmony daily for my work and life tasks. Its so efficient

  • Andres GarciaEnterpanour

    Simple, Faster and more efficient

  • Federic GordonMarketing ( CMO)

    Totally different way to deal with your daily tasks. So simple and smart

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